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All in one Government book

  • Do you know the ins and outs of the US constitution?
  • Are you aware of how it developed into what it is today?
  • Do you know how democracy really works?

The Government and this book

There are a lot of US citizens who know precious little about the system that is in place in the United States. Despite having a vote and being able to make a choice about electoral candidates, many are ignorant about the processes of elections, law-making and other government complexities.
But in this book, you can now find all the information that is needed to help you make much better and far more informed decisions, with chapters that examine things like:
  • The US constitution
  • How it was shaped
  • The current structure in place
  • How policies and laws are created
  • Elections and politics
  • The influence from external organizations
  • How you can get involved
  • And moreā€¦

This well-researched work is a critical, must-read book for anyone who wants to become more informed about what is going on in their own country, as well as students or even those with just a passing interest in governance.

Get a copy today and get informed now!

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