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All in one Government book for kids

  • Do your children or grandkids know the ins and outs of the US constitution?
  • Are they aware of how it developed into what it is today?
  • Do they know how democracy really works?

The Government and this book for kids

Democracy is one of the great principles upon which the United States was born. It is a concept that has a long history, going back to ancient Greece, and has been adopted by many free-thinking countries around the world since.
In this book, you can learn about democracy, the constitution and how the US government works to pass the laws which keep us safe. It covers lots of things you may never have known or things you want to know a lot more about, like:
  • The US constitution
  • How it was shaped
  • The current structure in place
  • How policies and laws are created
  • Elections and politics
  • The influence from external organizations
  • How you can get involved
  • And moreā€¦

This great book is perfect if you are studying this subject or even if you just have an interest and want to know a bit more about how the United States works.

Get a copy and get the answers you want!

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